Thursday, July 24, 2014


positivity breeds optimisms and many other feel good things within. things that eventually make their way into the outside world and start leaking into the lives of those around you.

a while back i stumbled across a website that at the time featured a 30 challenges for 30 days list so naturally, i bookmarked it. i've thought about it almost daily and have a fair amount of them i wish to complete.

beginning today, july 24, i will embark in thirty days of i-like-this-about-you notes/texts/emails. it will be someone different each day and they will not be predetermined or chosen. i will scroll through my contacts list, texts, or social media to choose someone.
it is too early to know exactly where this will go or lead to, but i'm sure it will bring forth something exciting. perhaps i will blog about it half way.

join me.

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