Thursday, October 15, 2015


when night arrives,
i promise to love you.
as soon as the stars come out,
i promise you my lips.
when the sun falls, i assure you,
you have my heart.

it is only within these short hours however; 
for during the day i fear the fragile state of my emotions, 
in the arms of someone else. 

we are in an eternal cycle of lessons missed and lessons learned. the words so easily remain the same and one would never know the difference. there's a vicious pattern of self destruction that masks itself in daily routines, thoughts, and emotions. yet, it's after destruction that certain beauty presents itself. we either break the cycle, or we embrace our mess and the beauty already within. 

original poem
october 10, 2012

cuando la noche llegue
es cuando prometo amarte
en cuanto las estrellas salgan
te garantizo mis labios
cuando el sol caiga
te aseguro mi corazón

pero solo por esas cuantas horas
porque es durante el dia que temo la fragilidad de mis emociones
en las manos de alguien más. 

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