Saturday, October 17, 2015

unnecessary invitation

let us speak truth through the movement of our bodies,
for we can no longer claim to be victims of what we ourselves manifest.
allow the space between us to evaporate, as your body's temperature ceases to rest.
oh what gorgeous creatures we have hidden within;
away from those who claimed to have conquered our sins.

we merely surrender to each other, each with a ritual of our own.
i surrender my words and the sound of my voice;
you surrender your strength and the width of your shoulders.
oh what gorgeous creatures we have hidden away,
what careless things have led us astray.

take my hand in the light of the moon, for only she can unite this pair.
allow my body to cover your reflection, so you don't give us away in the light of day.
recite your days through the motion of rotation; arriving again where we left off yesterday.

oh what creatures of adventure you and i; too faithful, but in the shade of grey.
we lose ourselves in this nocturnal act, but speak of nothing in the time of day.
so keep my hand, sweet sinner, locked inside your thoughts.
and forgive me for all the trouble, yesterday has caused.

and unlike the times before,
from yesterday comes tomorrow
yesterday to tomorrow

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